Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal For Garner, NC

Why Wallpaper Removal Is Important

Before painting the walls of your home, Painters Of Garner will make sure that there are no hindrances when they start the work. This means that wallpaper removal is performed first to ensure that your walls are raw and clean. What makes wallpaper removal essential is that it allows our painters to paint the walls seamlessly.

Since most of our clients want semi-permanent or permanent paintings, we do wallpaper removal as part of the preparation. Removing the wallpaper of your walls is one of the most important steps in the process so that we can directly paint the wall, not the wallpaper. For a more effective absorption of the paint, we also require that the walls are clean and free from anything that will make it hard for us to deliver high-quality painting services.


How Is Wallpaper Removed?

wallpaper removal garner

Wallpapers can be removed in many ways. Our Garner, NC painters use various tools and solutions to easily remove your wallpaper, leaving no traces for a smoother painting later on. If your wallpaper has been there for years and the adhesive is strong, we will need a couple of hours to successfully remove it. In some cases, we soak up walls into our own solution so that by the time it is ready for removal, we can easily scrape the wallpaper.



What Tools Are Used For Wallpaper Removal?

Our Garner, NC painters use conventional tools for wallpaper removal. What’s important in the process is the solution we use to soak up the wallpaper when it’s too hard to remove. In our experience, there are wallpapers that can be easily removed and there are those that are too difficult to pull off. To minimize damage on your walls, we use safe eco-friendly solutions. Some other tools we use are a scraper, putty knife, scoring tools, and ladder.

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