Interior Painting

Reimagine The Interior Painting Of Your Garner Home Or Business

Your room needs to be improved from time to time. Aside from getting new furniture and fixtures, you also need to invest in interior painting to keep your space energizing and vibrant. Let’s outline our interior painting process and how our professional services in Garner can help you today. 

How To Prep a Room For Painting

house interior painting

Prepping your room is essential in interior painting. You wouldn’t want the paint to scatter around your floor, closet, bed, or other furniture. This is the first step before our professionals give spice to your room. To start the preparation, we pull out or cover everything in your room including your bed, closet, and sofa. We also use newspapers or other recyclable materials that can cover your floor. Protecting your floor from paint spills is one of our top priorities.



Common Interior Painting Supplies

After prepping your room, the next thing we do is prepare the common tools and supplies we use. This includes a paintbrush, paint rollers, pail, newspapers, ladder, and extra clothes. These materials are what we most use from the start of your painting journey until the end. We pride ourselves in being painters that Garner can trust to always come prepared.

Professional Painting Expertise

The most important step in meeting your needs is prepping your room first. Yes, it’s as simple as pulling out the things in your room but it makes a big difference, especially because you can see a bare room from a different perspective. That can give a new perspective on your room and give clarity in selecting a new color.

Next, we make sure that your floor is covered with something to avoid getting it painted and avoid damage. This will save us time restoring your room to normal once done.

When painting, it’s essential to choose the right type of paint for your room. This includes color, texture, and consistency. Sometimes it is good to use white paint as a base. From experience, directing the color of your choice to your unprepared walls does not guarantee a good result. We will ensure that your walls are well-prepared or repair your drywall if requested. We can also mix colors to give a unique desired result.

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