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Exterior Painting for Garner, NC

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Exterior home painting appears to be such a simple project that many people attempt it themselves and skip fundamental steps. It is important to take some time out for surface preparations before you grab those brushes and rollers. Surface preparation can be time-consuming, but skipping it does not do any favors to the overall exterior painting job. We want to show that when we come to your property in Garner or surrounding areas we know what we are doing. We have listed the steps involved in typical exterior painting preparations.


Our Steps for Exterior Painting

#1 Clean the Exterior Surface

The exterior surface of your home may appear clean, but even if it looks spotless it probably still has dust, dirt, and mold that may prevent the paint from properly applying evenly across the entire wall. It is advisable to pressure wash the exterior surface of your house prior to painting. This will remove all the dirt, debris, and cobwebs to allow new paint to be applied smoothly.

However, if the pressure washing is not done at the right pressure, it may potentially damage the exterior surface of your home so it is always advisable to hire a professional who is knowledgeable in what they do and give you some peace of mind.

#2 Remove Loose Paint

While fresh paint may initially conceal the imperfections, it won’t last long before the underlying issues bubble up and compromise the exterior surface of your house. This is why it is very important to ensure that the surface is in good shape before starting the repainting process. You can do this by removing cracked, loose, peeling, and blistered paint. The method of removing may vary depending on how much you have to scrape.

#3 Re-Caulk Needed Areas

Filling holes and cracks with caulk before painting will not only make the paint job look better, but also help lengthen the overall lifespan of the paint and prevent them from peeling. Being vigilant and taking care of minor problems as soon as they crop up will save you a lot of money down the line.

#4 Prime Unfinished Wood

It is important to prime unfinished wood prior to painting. Doing so helps fill in the wood grain to create a smooth surface and prevent the wood from soaking up the paint. Furthermore, priming helps hide patched areas and dark surfaces to help the surface look uniform in shade.

Trust your paint job to the pros

If you’re looking for exterior painting services for residential and commercial properties in Garner, NC, it can be a good idea to find a reliable partner to help. Our goal is to deliver high-quality results that will exceed your expectations. You can also get a free quote and we’ll come out to take a look at your project.

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